Your candidate lost.
Tyson Sontag

“Accept and move on.” That’s an old narrative. You can’t eat at our lunch counters? Accept and move on. Black people swinging from trees? Accept and move on. Slavery? Accept and…. And all of the above and so much more always in the name of democracy. Where is there room in “Accept and move on” for righting wrongs? If acceptance of the status quo is in itself a thing, then what happens when the status quo holds terrible injustices? Democracy is supposed to have within it the idea that change can be made — not by whoever has the greatest amount of money or lawyers, but by people. Your generalization cannot stand. You can argue your point in some other way, but you must really argue it, must really engage with the complexities involved. “Accept and move on” isn’t a real argument, and it isn’t an answer; it’s always, in this country, been part of the problem.