I might if it was an actual proven fact and not something that’s still being debated.
Marko Polojärvi

I remember reading papers that said *the exact same thing* about smoking and cancer. It’s all good, though…just keep judging people for being ok with their weight or not being smart enough to understand all those heavy scientific papers on heart disease smh…and this is coming from a female English professor who weighs the same as when she modeled her way through undergraduate school. No dog in the fight. The truth is, your original comment just wasn’t needed, and it came under the status of “Shit the author JUST SAID she’s been hearing all her life and is totally and completely NOT HEARING ANY LONGER on account of it’s some bullshit.” Not everything needs to be said, no matter how much we feel like chiming in; your comment falls into that space, and maybe mine does too. Peace.