Gentrification and Ghost Towns
Emma Lindsay

Trump benefited from the global economy (think you called it the “internationalization of trade”) and he’s not a white liberal changing his views to get ever greater privelege, so your assertion that white liberals changed the way they think/talk about black/lgbtq/etc issues in order to get in on the ground floor of bigger assets — such as international trade/global economy — falls short. I happen to believe progressives change their positions on issues (while conservatives do not) because they’re more or less willing to “pull the thread”….to ask questions….to investigate deeply…to listen. Fundamentally, they don’t believe that knowledge is static and learning has an end point; rather, they understand that knowledge is fluid and learning isn’t what you do, it’s a way of moving through an always-expanding (and therefore never fully known) universe. Just a thought. Could be 100% wrong. Peace.