The Ten Greatest Steps Of The Last Ten Decades
Ethan Siegel

Whenever anything bothers me for longer than a few minutes, I read anything from your blog — or even just look at some of your photos, if I’m short on time — and immediately stop tripping. We’re trained by a weak educational system and a media which emphasizes romantic love over pretty much everything else to shrink our minds and our universe til both are the size and substance of that tiny piece of dust floating in the air you can only see when the afternoon sun coming in through the window hits it a certain way. Tired of people saying stuff like “The whole world is going to be destroyed by nuclear weapons if the politicians keep it up” when clearly they actually mean Earth. Thing is, we’re conditioned to basically substitute Earth as being the entire world, when actually it’s only a drop of sand on the beaches of the world/universe. Seeing the vastness of the universe in your blog, catching a glimpse of the crazy beauty that’s out there, always makes me smile, every time, no matter how fucked up I’m feeling before I check in with you. Thanks ☺