Life really isn’t this binary.
Austin Glass

You suggest what Trump says means nothing, that only his actions matter. The illegal Muslim ban? The pussy-grabbing? The attempts to repeal — with or without replacing — health care for millions of people? Betsy Devos as Education Secretary? Firing Comey and then lying about it? Refusing to release his tax returns? Getting filthy rich off his presidential connects while we pay for Secret Service for his many golf trips out of town (all scheduled to increase revenue at his golf clubs)? The outrageous lack of any knowledge or preparation for his job; the constant tv watching, something I have zero time for and I’m just a university professor; his use of Twitter as official white house communications source (according to him)? And since WHEN did our presidents not lead us with their words??? Never, and everyone who now asks us to consider only his actions (egregious during the campaign and devastating as president, not to mention embarrassing on a world stage), not his words, are trying to redefine what leadership is. Yet Obama got shit on for wearing a brown suit. Why? Because America IS binary, like it or not. Undereducated, misinformed, and fed a stressful diet of racism to keep it that way, there have always been two separate Americas. And btw people really need to stop the racist rhetoric about Black athletes needing to “be grateful” for their money. Tom Brady somehow earns his, but black athletes are being “given something.” Stop it.

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