Imagine Paying $1.50 a Day For Your Own Slow Death…

You go to the store, you buy a 2-liter bottle of your favorite brand of root beer for a buck and change. Over the course of the day, you kill the bottle…a couple glasses over your lunch of a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, a couple more after you mow the lawn.

You’ve just consumed half a pound of sugar, Einstein. Over the course of a year that’s 170 pounds of sugar in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup.

And we’re not counting in the HFCS baked into the sliced bread you eat, the pork and beans you crave, the catsup you pour on your french fries or the candy bar you reward yourself with after a long day in the office.

As reported by Mark Hyman, M.D., in his article in The Huffington Post (link) HFCS is far worse for you than simple refined sugar:

“As part of the chemical process used to make high fructose corn syrup, the glucose and fructose — which are naturally bound together — become separated. This allows the fructose to mainline directly into your liver, which turns on a factory of fat production in your liver called lipogenesis.

This leads to fatty liver (link), the most common disease in America today, affecting 90 million Americans. This, in turn, leads to diabesity — pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. So, high fructose corn syrup is the real driver of the current epidemic of heart attacks, strokes, cancer, dementia, and of course, Type 2 diabetes.”

And you’re buying the crap and consuming it like there’s no frickin’ tomorrow. See anything wrong with this picture?

In America, we have become so numbed to the obvious insanity and dangerous behavior that we engage in that we literally can’t see it anymore.

Not only are we blind, we are paying for our own slow deaths when we consume high levels of High Fructose Corn Syrup. But there’s no warning label to tell us this, no government oversight, no nothing to stop us.

Why? Because HFCS is cheap to produce, producing bigger profits for virtually every manufacturer of processed foods, and if there were government backlash, you can bet your bottom dollar that the lobbyists for HFCS and the processed foods industry would pay off Congress and the FDA to back off.

But that’s why we have this blog.

As it always is in life, nobody cares what you do unless it directly affects or benefits them, so take care of yourself first.

There’s no time like the present for doing so.

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If you don’t win, I don’t win.

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