The Universe Lays Down the Law

All we have to do is pay attention.

Truth exists both within us and without us. And some truths are illuminated only by darkness…such as the darkness that blots out the sun during a solar eclipse.

From the New York Times, July 31, 2017:

“Few eclipses have had more impact on modern history than the one that occurred on May 29, 1919, more than six minutes of darkness sweeping across South America and across the Atlantic to Africa. It was during that eclipse that the British astronomer Arthur Eddington ascertained that the light rays from distant stars had been wrenched off their paths by the gravitational field of the sun.

That affirmed the prediction of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, ascribing gravity to a warp in the geometry of space-time, that gravity could bend light beams. “Lights All Askew in the Heavens (link)” [the 1919 article]

So, then, the universe does indeed “lay down the law” and as beings integrated with — not separate from the universe — we have these laws and truths at our disposal.

Light itself is “bent” from its path by the gravity of stars. Reality itself is likewise “bent” from that which we perceive into that which we can conceive.

This is the most hugely important truth you will ever comprehend, or know, and in your darkest moments of despair and doubt you are advised to remember — and to use — this law.

We can and do make our own realities, so be very careful what thoughts you give energy to.

Depression and joy cannot exist in the same space and time. Success and failure the same.

The comedian Jim Carrey always told himself he would be wildly successful in movies even when he had nothing, because it gave him something to hold onto. But then, he also took action every day to move him closer to his goal. “You can’t have just the thought of success,” he has said, “and then go eat a sandwich.”

You have to do something.

Like the universe. Humming madly away without let up. Bending light rays and birthing new stars — and realities — along the way. But the universe does it without thinking, without effort.

Likewise, grass does not need to be “told” to grow. It just does.

You are the same, except that you get to choose what sort of “grass” or “being” you wish to be.

Have at it!

Let me reveal a little secret: Nobody is stopping you.

As it always is in life, nobody cares what you do unless it directly affects or benefits them, so take care of yourself first — act on your dreams. Make them real.

There’s no time like the present for doing so.

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If you don’t win, I don’t win.

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