An Open Letter to the Real GOP
Dave Pell

Dave I get it, I really do, but the problem is that missives such as yours are coming in after the call. The GOP has gone all in, and you can’t “un-bet” yourself. You have to either fold (a metaphor which doesn’t make sense in political arenas), or wait and see. The GOP is now in wait-and-see mode.

The one thing that has become clear is that the GOP has no strategy — no plan, no way forward, no policy — regarding what to do about Trump. Trump has foiled their every idea, design, and plan at every time.

Let’s just put it plainly — Trump has outsmarted the GOP at every turn, which is why he is where he is (partially). The GOP will continue to fall in line behind Trump, because there are no real leaders in the GOP. They are all followers. They are — literally — willing to sell America for their own political futures and power.

Should Trump turn America (literally) into a dictatorship, there are exceptionally few people in the GOP who will say anything about it. They’ll believe that following along will mean they get to keep their money and their power, while dissent means exile, or much, much worse.

The rest of us always have to remember that politicians are good at being politicians — cultivating power, influence, and money. They aren’t fighters in the literal sense. They’ll follow the strongman because they’re afraid to take up arms (literally or metaphorically) against them. The rest of the country doesn’t matter.

In a dictatorship, you’re either with them, or against them…