Why I refuse to tip using Square
Joe Polastre

What’s truly shocking here is this entitlement piece! You’re appalled and against using something due to your own feelings or internal psychological weakness? Seriously? Here’s a tip: grow up, get a spine. If you don’t want to tip, be a grown-up and don’t tip. This is such a first-world problem it is LUDICROUS. People tip 19–20% at coffee shops on 3 dollar transactions? OMG! That whole $0.50 cents! The nerve! The humanity!

If this is all you have to worry about, you should wake up every morning and spend hours thanking your lucky stars, because you are a massively over-privileged aristocrat who has probably never known (and never will) what real work (or service) is like.

That aside, if you don’t want to tip, don’t. Quit with the “oh the evil technology made me do it” or “makes me feel guilty” excuses, as if the entire world needs to learn to pander to your personal psychological insecurities and massive lack of personal responsibility for the choices your make in your life.

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