I have a 2015 MacBook Pro (the latest model before the _magical_ touchbar) and their top-of-the-line model — the i7 with 8 cores, 16 GB of RAM, 500 GB SSD and the goodies.

Yet the application that probably slows down my computer the most (and uses the most resources i.e. battery, RAM) is the web browser.

Disclaimer: I am a web developer so yes, I have a bunch of extensions and probably at least 10–14 tabs open at a time.

Disclaimer 2: This is around the time when Firefox was officially releasing the new “Quantum” builds to the public.


I am far from a keyword or any kind of SEO expert, but I am slowly starting to learn. I remember reading a story on a certain internet marketing forum several years ago when the singer Michael Jackson passed away. I was living in Minneapolis at that time. I also remember reading on that particular forum that someone made several tens of thousands of dollars (!) essentially over a few nights because they decided to order the Gold Coins with the image of Mr Jackson on it.

Naturally, after several weeks, the sales dwindled to zero.

My point is that…

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