DEUS Finance partners with LQDR


DEUS Finance is focusing a lot of its efforts on the Fantom network at present. With the buzz of activity around Fantom and the host of high-profile developers and projects integrating with the chain, DEUS sees FTM as the perfect environment to showcase its strengths and gain further exposure in the DeFi space.

LQDR is one of the most popular platforms on Fantom, boasting around $300 million in TVL at the time of writing, with a ton of functionality and utility for users.

LQDR held an AMA recently where Lafayette, co-founder of DEUS Finance, discussed the vision of DEUS, the technology behind our system, and our desire to partner with protocols like LQDR.

A proposal was presented to the LQDR community and was met with incredible support.

Two new yield farms have launched on LQDR:

DEUS/FTM and DEI/USDC farms are live.

Click here for more information on how to stake.

Find out more about LQDR and join their active community on their Discord.

DEUS Finance is building a more sustainable, efficient market

DEUS Finance is building infrastructure that enables others to create their own financial instruments, without restrictions, providing DeFi access to global markets. DEUS is bridging the gap between TradFi and DeFi, by providing automated clearinghouse infrastructure, enabling users, builders, and all market participants to have access to financial vehicles that are traditionally only accessible to a select few.

The Power of DEUS

By leveraging the power of its own decentralized oracle, built with Muon technology, DEUS solved the problem of oracles that were incapable of delivering real-world data feeds in the manner required to facilitate large trades and instant settlements.

DEUS contract infrastructure makes it possible to trade any underlying asset that can be verified by an oracle. These assets can be traded without slippage and can generate trading fees for 3rd-parties building on DEUS.

Additionally, DEUS developed its own fractional reserve stablecoin, called DEI, which is used as collateral for all financial instruments built on DEUS. DEI enables true cross-chain liquidity, with one native bridge to all chains connected to the DEUS ecosystem.

Become a part of the DEUS Community

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Where to buy DEUS:

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Building the next-gen marketplace for decentralized financial services, providing the infrastructure for 3rd-party financial instruments. $DEUS $DEI

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DEUS Finance DAO

DEUS Finance DAO

Building the next-gen marketplace for decentralized financial services, providing the infrastructure for 3rd-party financial instruments. $DEUS $DEI

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