DEUS Finance V2 Apollo is here — everything you need to know about the Migrator

With the launch of Apollo here, let’s take a close look at exactly what is going to be happening with the Migrator and how it all works.

DEUS is the new DEA

As the community is well aware by now, the DEA token will no longer exist as part of our new ecosystem, and that it is being renamed to $DEUS.

When migrating, depending on your current token holdings, you can choose to be issued new DEUS tokens OR new LP tokens to enter the new yield farms.

$DEA, as well as any existing tokens, will still exist but ONLY on Mainnet and in a legacy section of the DEUS site. This is for those users that choose not to migrate, or for users who are not up to date with the changes and may only return at a later date. These tokens will not have any value unless they are migrated to the new tokens, and will still show in the user’s wallets.


The Migrator

The Migrator is the interface that will be used to migrate current tokens to the new DEUS or LP tokens, as well as where users will choose between Ethereum or Polygon.

Let’s take a look at what current token holdings users can swap for new tokens.

DEA and sDEA holders

If you hold ONLY DEA or sDEA tokens, then you can only swap these for the new DEUS token and choose whether to receive them on Polygon or Ethereum.

DEUS and LP token holders

If you hold the current DEUS token or any LP token, then you have the choice of either swapping these for the new DEUS token, or for the DEUS/DEI LP token to enter the DEUS pool. Again, users have the option of choosing between Polygon or Ethereum.

In the above image, we can see that if the user has only DEA or sDEA, they can only migrate to the new DEUS token. However, if the user has DEUS, sDEUS (or any LP token) then they have the choice of swapping to the new DEUS token or the DEUS/DEI LP token. In both instances, users can choose Polygon or Ethereum.

If a user holds multiple different current tokens (e.g. DEA and DEUS), they are able to swap the DEA for new DEUS on Ethereum and the DEUS for new DEUS or LP tokens on Polygon, for instance. (two separate transactions)

Make sure to check the box corresponding to the tokens you wish to migrate and note that all tokens checked will be migrated to the chosen network.

Please note that each token type can only be migrated ONCE. ie. if you migrate your sDEA to the new DEUS token on Polygon, you cannot migrate your sDEA again.

Click HERE to download the Migrator tutorial.

NEW Yield Farms

There are two new yield farms for users to enter.

  • DEUS/DEI pool — 100% APY
  • Stablefarm — 50% APY

The Zapper (Polygon Network)

The zapper is a simple method to enter either the stablefarms or the DEUS pools.
PLEASE NOTE: The zapper is currently only available on Polygon. We are doing additional testing for the Zapper on Mainnet and this will be released shortly.

A user connects their wallet and is then able to provide either DEUS tokens or a stablecoin and zap them directly into the stablefarm or the DEUS pool.

Click HERE to download the Zapper tutorial.

If users received LP tokens from the migrator and wish to enter the yield farms, then visit and select FARMS from the Stablecoin dropdown menu.

Click “STAKE HERE” on the yield farm of your choice, enter the amount of LP tokens you would like to stake, and confirm the transaction.

For users wanting to enter the Yield Farms but haven’t got the required LP tokens, click on “Provide Liquidity” (as shown in the image above), create the required LP token, and then click on “Stake Here.”

Click HERE to download the Yield Farming guide.

Contract addresses:

DEI : 0xDE12c7959E1a72bbe8a5f7A1dc8f8EeF9Ab011B3
DEUS: 0xDE5ed76E7c05eC5e4572CfC88d1ACEA165109E44

If you require further assistance, please visit DEUS Finance, there is live chat support with a team ready to answer any of your questions.

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$DEUS — Invest in the protocol and governance token.

DEUS V2 Apollo is LIVE — NEW stablecoin $DEI, enabling cross-chain liquidity.
Earn $DEUS via our new Yield Farms on Polygon and Ethereum:
Stablefarms — 50% APY | $DEUS/$DEI pools — 100% APY

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