DEUS long-term B2B vision

DEUS aims to provide infrastructure for others to create financial products and services with unlimited potential. Similar to how Amazon allows anyone to open up an e-commerce store built on the Amazon platform, DEUS will allow any third-party to build on top of DEUS and create any financial service and/or product without permission, with the only limit being assets that can’t be tracked and verified by an oracle. In essence, DEUS aims to be a clearinghouse securely on the blockchain.


The DEUS infrastructure will comprise of two types of fundamentally different providers, which we call Contractors. These are:

Service providers

Service providers are independent third parties that leverage the DEUS protocol, which entails the usage of existing liquidity, contracts, and infrastructure in general. DEUS acts as the middleware between the service provider and its users.

  • They’re able to offer any type of financial product supported by DEUS infrastructure, which includes but is not limited to, futures, options, CFDs, and crypto native products.
  • The DEUS protocol benefits from external and fully autonomous marketing investment from third-party service providers which can lead to exponential growth in the adoption of DEUS Finance services.
  • Service providers will be able to build on DEUS while inheriting a revenue-sharing model.
  • They have the ability to make use of and tap into DEUS’s protocol liquidity. Because of this, they don’t have to worry about liquidity incentive and/or bootstrap programs or token utility models.

Our first service provider (Contractor) is a party named dSynths. dSynths is aiming to be the world’s leading platform to trade DEUS-powered synthetics, and other peripheral services. dSynths currently supports 5 chains: HECO, Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, and xDai. dSynths allows for permissionless synthetic asset trading which includes over 1000 oracle-verified stocks. Over time, the community can vote to list more stocks, potentially covering the global traditional derivatives market.

Product providers

Product providers are parties whose services are directly beneficial to the health of the DEUS protocol. As opposed to Service providers, they don’t consume and leverage the infrastructure.

  • Automated counter traders will provide collateral for traders and investors and will be incentivized by trading fees (the spread). This new method of market making is extremely capital efficient compared to both the order book and AMM model. This function is a powerful feature that solves a massive multi-trillion dollar liquidity problem within the financial markets. Our goal here is to “vampire steal” all liquidity from every global financial market and offer it on one omni platform.
  • It will also be possible for counter traders to link up their DEUS countertrades with another countertrade for their initial DEUS countertrade on the traditional markets (any external exchange) via a script that trades on an API, allowing the DEUS countertrader to collect trading fees while remaining completely risk-neutral on their positions.

Why did we pivot from B2C to B2B ?

For instance, synthetics trading was recently removed from our website.

We made the transition from B2C to B2B to enable more pathways to exponential growth for the DEUS ecosystem. We will achieve this via directing our focus at DEUS towards onboarding other financial institutions or any individual that wants to create financial services and products on DEUS infrastructure. A necessary step towards redirecting our focus involves permanently disabling synthetics trading on the website.

With this transition, we now have the opportunity to onboard an infinite number of third-party synthetics exchanges with customization abilities that are only restricted by the developer’s imagination. Additionally the DEUS DAO now has no direct involvement in providing synthetic asset trading services which means that it now has zero regulatory ties to those functions.

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Building the next-gen marketplace for decentralized financial services, providing the infrastructure for 3rd-party financial instruments. $DEUS $DEI

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DEUS Finance DAO

Building the next-gen marketplace for decentralized financial services, providing the infrastructure for 3rd-party financial instruments. $DEUS $DEI