DEUS v3 testnet is here!

The launch of DEUS v3 testnet marks a monumental milestone in DEUS’s roadmap. The testnet contracts are live and users can interact with them via the dSynths front-end.

DEUS v3 revolves around the DeFIX (decentralized financial information exchange protocol) engine. DeFIX is a peer-to-peer OTC derivatives clearinghouse built on top of smart contracts and Muon. Traders, market makers, and third-party exchanges can leverage DEUS’s advanced base-layer infrastructure and build their own financial instruments and protocols. Read more about DEUS DeFIX in the DEUS whitepaper.

dSynths is the first 3rd-party front-end building on DEUS infrastructure, enabling users to trade stocks, commodities, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and more, with leverage. Users place RFQs on-chain, which are filled subsequently by a hedger.

V3 Testnet

In this testnet version, users can mint test $DEI, deposit and allocate it to their trading balance, and place on-chain RFQ orders. The orders are then picked up and filled by the hedger. Users can go long or short with up to 100x leverage.

The hedger streams price feeds to dSynths, which originates directly from the broker. Be advised that said price feeds contain fake values for this testnet.

Trade on the testnet here.

Follow this guide if you require assistance.

The future of DEUS v3

The testnet will help stress test DeFIX for a smooth launch of DEUS v3. After the testnet has concluded, DEI v2 and DEUS v3 are planned next. In short, DEUS v3 is a peer-to-peer, bilateral agreement system for clearing and settling OTC derivatives between parties. This system is sustainable and capital-efficient. Parties enter into bilateral agreements, meaning every trade is collateralized, and the system doesn’t require over-collateralization for trading. Additionally, users can trade with cross-margin, meaning all available collateral can be utilized.

The v3 system will be released in stages, starting with the v3 alpha, with various updates, improvements, and trading features being added along the way. The below roadmap is subject to change, but gives an indication of the system features that will be implemented.

Please try out the v3 testnet and join the community in Discord and Telegram, we’d love to hear from you. If spot any bugs in the testnet please reach out to a dsynths team member via the dsynths Telegram.



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