Exclusive Muon Presale for DEUS Community — Everything you need to know.

With the launch of Muon on the horizon, DEUS Finance community members who supported the system in the long term will be awarded a golden ticket into the Muon presale. This blog is for the DEUS community zero-day stakers, covering everything you need to know about the upcoming presale. Please read carefully.

Muon Network (muon.net) is coming and the long-term supporters of the DEUS community get a special thank-you!

This is the opportunity to become an early holder in a network protocol that will reshape the way blockchain projects are built and connect to each other.

Let’s take a quick look into what Muon is and why you should be excited about its release and then we’ll get into the details of the presale: who is eligible, how it will work, and how it relates to DEUS Finance.

What is Muon?

Muon solves a problem that has many projects struggling: processing power/cost efficiency as well as inter-chain interoperability.

Muon is a layer-0 protocol, built to supercharge blockchain projects. Think of it as a decentralized supercomputer, able to run any app or software and connect to all blockchains.

Read more about Muon here.

DEUS Finance and the Muon inception

DEUS Finance utilizes an ultra-fast oracle solution, called Pythia, which is built with Muon technology and operates on the Muon network.

In order for DEUS Finance to deliver on-demand, real-time price feeds for thousands of stocks and assets, a fast, secure oracle solution was needed. Industry-standard oracles could not deliver the performance necessary, so DEUS began the development of its own oracle solution.

During the oracle development, the DEUS and Muon teams created an entirely new base-layer protocol, called Muon, on top of which DEUS’s oracle, Pythia, is built. Pythia is the first prototype built on Muon and is successfully delivering fast, secure price feeds to DEUS Finance.

Read more about the DEUS and Muon connection here.

When is the Muon presale, and who is eligible?

The Muon presale for the DEUS community will run for some weeks and begins on Wednesday the 30th of June. DEUS supporters who staked their capital in the DEUS ecosystem during the period of zero rewards will be eligible to receive a presale allocation of $MUON that they can purchase.

There are two ways that users can gain access to the Muon presale:

  1. by having staked capital in the DEUS system during the period of zero rewards,
  2. by successfully applying to the whitelist.

Zero-reward Stakers

As explained above, users that staked their capital in the DEUS Finance system during the period of zero staking rewards will be granted a $MUON allocation to purchase. When connecting to Muon Swap (explained later), users will be able to view the amount of $MUON that they are able to purchase. This amount is based on the amount of capital the user staked and the time period that their capital spent locked into the DEUS system.

Stakers will have access to the Muon presale on Wednesday, 30th June 2021.

Successful whitelist applicants

DEUS Finance is also holding a separate presale event for successful whitelist applicants. Fill in the whitelist application form and tell us how you will bring value to the Muon network. Users are encouraged to create content promoting Muon in the form of videos, artwork, social media posts and campaigns, etc. We will be running some competitions for users to take part in and stand a chance to be whitelisted. More details on this will be released soon…show us how much you can support Muon and get rewarded.

Successful whitelist applicants will be able to purchase $MUON shortly before Muon’s official launch.

What about the Airdrop?

DEUS Community members that are eligible for the Muon presale but decide not to take part will still be rewarded by receiving a $MUON token allocation via an airdrop instead.

This airdrop will take place after Muon’s official launch and will need to be claimed.

When will my $MUON tokens be available?

Purchasing your $MUON allocation in the presale does not mean that you will receive $MUON tokens in your wallet immediately.

$MUON will be fully unlocked in stages. The first unlock period will give users access to 20% of their allotted allocation. For those who decide not to take part in the presale, this 20% of their allotted allocation will be claimable as an airdrop after Muon officially launches.

For users who take part in the presale, the remaining 80% of the purchased $MUON will be released over a 19 month period.

In short, buying into the Muon presale gives roughly 5 times more exposure to $MUON tokens than choosing not to participate in the presale.

What tokens can I use to buy $MUON during the presale?

$MUON is at a fixed price during the presale, and it makes no difference whether users purchase their allocation right at the beginning of the presale, or at the end. There will be plenty of time to unstake if needed, to review decisions, and to act. Nothing will happen suddenly that would cause you to miss out on the presale.

Where do I swap my tokens for $MUON?

Once the presale launches, users will have access to the $MUON Swap page on the DEUS Finance website.

This is a one-way swap. You cannot swap your $MUON tokens back to another token during the presale. This will only become available once Muon officially launches.

If you have any further questions or require assistance during the presale, please contact one of the admins on the DEUS Telegram or in the DEUS Discord.

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