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Well well well… Today, we would like to talk about how it can be interesting to push your idea further even when it looks stupid.

We, at Deuux, have recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for a side project of collectible pins. The project was called « Send Nudes »… and was originally invented to create an outside label for the studio Deuux. We would then be able to test and experience other projects under the name « An obviously useless but cool label ».

Read our full campaign here.

But… Why?

We think that having small internal projects are a necessity. It is part of the soul of a creative studio — to be able to create, shape and grow ANY idea. You can compare this to training: it keeps our brains working, our creativity up-to-date and in touch with trends, design, art and culture. Designers and artists need to act like sponges — we need to be impregnated with creativity, and then express it. If a designer cannot do that, the only thing he’ll create is frustration & burred passion… Just like a singer won’t sing, or an artist won’t paint. No need to create gorgeous products with revolutionary ideas and big budgets. Just having an idea and making it happen even if it is small, stupid, or not.

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Today, our aim is to popularize and share with you some of the rules that we apply to ourselves during the process of creating a logotype. This, we hope, will make you discover and understand a hidden part of our work.

For this first case study, we are going take the example of how we were contacted to create a premium logo typography, for a new investment fund named Antwort.

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The first step of all creation is to begin defining and understanding the right position of the future brand in today’s market. …


Deuux is a creative studio Luxembourg based. Experienced with brand & design strategy, UX/UI, editorial & motion design. deuux.lu | dribbble.com/Studio_Deuux

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