The importance of having stupid ideas.

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Well well well… Today, we would like to talk about how it can be interesting to push your idea further even when it looks stupid.

We, at Deuux, have recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for a side project of collectible pins. The project was called « Send Nudes »… and was originally invented to create an outside label for the studio Deuux. We would then be able to test and experience other projects under the name « An obviously useless but cool label ».

Read our full campaign here.

But… Why?

We think that having small internal projects are a necessity. It is part of the soul of a creative studio — to be able to create, shape and grow ANY idea. You can compare this to training: it keeps our brains working, our creativity up-to-date and in touch with trends, design, art and culture. Designers and artists need to act like sponges — we need to be impregnated with creativity, and then express it. If a designer cannot do that, the only thing he’ll create is frustration & burred passion… Just like a singer won’t sing, or an artist won’t paint. No need to create gorgeous products with revolutionary ideas and big budgets. Just having an idea and making it happen even if it is small, stupid, or not.

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So… Why 2.0?

Ok… now, you probably want to know why we created women stylization and not beautiful little cats? In the beginning, the idea was inspired by the 9gag community. Not for nudes or sexual content, but because we like how people respond to the subject, how people can be sarcastic even with serious subjects. 9gag is a compact pool of creativity that is just waiting to be read. Most of the time comments are even funnier than a post… As fervent defenders of freedom of expression, we want to be able to create something in this mood. Something borderline, with a kind of sexual provocation, but without being un-respectful for a particular gender. Something balanced between urban & design culture with a touch of sexuality and freedom.

The written campaign of the pins was naturally an extension of this project.
We wanted the text to be fun to read, full of sarcasm & to create a reaction like; « wtf, is this a real project? » To be honest, the funniest part of the project was to write the KS campaign.

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The hidden value

Under this funny aspect, creating a small project just like this kind is really good exercise. Not only for working on our skills in design stylization… but we also train our English by writing the text for the campaign! We make friendly contact that helps us promote the campaign with FB ads and at the same time, learn how ads work on FB and how we are limited with “sensible” content when promoting a product. We were « forced » to think and keep in line while staying coherent with our line of communication. All these things keep our ability, agility to create, manage and organize awake. It’s always better to do sh** than to do nothing.

We hope you’ll enjoy this limited series and we hope people will be able to stay open-minded. Remember that it’s just a pin project ;)

Cheers dudes.

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