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Night-Runners promises to take players on a retro, VHS-filtered journey back to the thrills of ’90s street racing

The glory days of racing games seem to be over. Take a look at the total sales of racing games. There’s a clear trend indicating that new racing games see much less attention than they used to (well, aside from Mario Kart). I would argue — though this might be a controversial view — that the last decade’s worth of racing games have lost some of their edge. They don’t seem to be pushing the boundaries as much as their predecessors from the 2000s and prior.

It may seem ironic, then, that I’m about to discuss a racing game that is a deliberate throwback. It’s a game that celebrates Japanese car culture and the Japanese street racing scene (which certainly isn’t entirely new to the world of video games, although it probably hasn’t been as widely explored as it should be). …


Tim Engelke

Just an aspiring game developer — I write about game development, art and other things that come to my mind.

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