CarTaxi ICO listing can give 1600% profit

Lot of interest is generated for one of the ongoing ICOs named CarTaxi. It has already raised more than $5,000,000 in the ongoing ICO. With 14 more days to go it is well poised to reach it’s hard cap of $8.7 Million. Many have already invested and some are still undecided on investing in this ICO.

This article aims to make a logical deduction of how investing in CarTaxi ICO can be highly beneficial to you. Please note that the below post is based on rationale of the author and readers are advised to make due diligence before investing.

What is CarTaxi:

CarTaxi is a blockchain platform based on Ethereum. The platform brings together tow trucks into an online network for faster, safer vehicle transportation.

CarTaxi is a working product that has been tested and is in operation in the Russian market. It is ready for global scaling and an explosive growth of market share. The CarTaxi Company has put together an outstanding team of professionals who are developing the business globally from offices in San Antonio (US), Moscow (Russia) and Hong Kong (China).

Currently, CarTaxi is operating in 50 cities across Russia.

Business Model:

The CarTaxi service is monetized through commissions charged for tow truck services. Depending on the region, the commission ranges from 10 to 20% of the cost of the service.

Commission Based Model

At the moment, in the Russian market where the service is already up and running successfully, 15% of the commission is being charged. The same rate has been confirmed in the US and China.

Token Distribution:

As you must be knowing that the ICO is ongoing and will end on 29 Oct. If you have already invested in it, it is a great decision. If you have not yet invested, I tell you why it is a good idea to buy the tokens now. And what is a better way than to talk about numbers?

Let’s check about the token distribution.

Total tokens: 750, 000, 000

Available for Sale: 500, 000, 000

All the unsold tokens along with equivalent proportion of owners’ tokens will be burned.

Current ICO sale as on 16th Oct is 40 Million. If we extrapolate this till end of ICO, then they will sell around 56 Million Tokens. This means there will be a total of 84 Million tokens available in circulation and rest 666 Million tokens will be destroyed.

CarTaxi MarketCap Calculation:

Now come to the current earning. Last month they paid 94 Etherium dividend in total. As they pay 25% of profit for dividend, this means total profit of around 376 Etherium.

Profitability Forecast

If we give a average margin of 25% for CarTaxi service, the total revenue will be around 1500 Ether.

As Cartaxi charges 15% for their service from partners, this lead to a business of 10000 Eth.

When calculating market capitalization, we generally take 5–10 times the revenue generated.

Taking 1 ETH = $ 300 , 10,000 ETH will mean $ 3,000,000. A 5x market capitalization means CarTaxi is valued at $ 180, 000,000 per year.

Now the price per token will be = 180,000,000/84, 000, 000 = $ 2.15 per token.

At the ICO price, the token is priced at 0.12 USD. So even at the current valuation, you are expected to earn a 1600% profit. If you add to it the euphoria of trading and immense good publicity the ICO is getting, a 20x listing when it hits exchange is possible.

Growth Potential:

  1. People still use old and costly methods to tow their vehicles. This gives CarTaxi a huge opportunity in growing car market.
  2. CarTaxi currently has offices in San Antonio, Hong Kong, and Moscow and planning to expand to China, India and other countries.
  3. CarTaxi gives dividends to its shareholders and plans to buy back its own tokens every month. This will increase valuation of the token.
  4. The team is packed with highly skilled developer who can achieve the ambitious product roadmap.

All these positive attributes makes those numbers even more compelling and investment worthy. So it is advisable to grab some tokens of this wonderful ICO before it is over.

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