• To take content that is currently exclusive and to make it more available.
  • In the long term, to introduce critical thinking as its own distinct branch under the broad category of self-improvement.
  • To make an app that facilitates the habit of thinking critically.
  • To fill their desire to improve critical thinking.
  • To expose them to current and up to date events in a unique way.
  • To widen their perspective about the world and themselves.
  • To challenge their way of thinking.


  1. Regular random interruptions during modules that test the user on information they have just read or listened to.
  2. Cumulative vocab and multiple-choice quizzes at the end of modules to test users understanding of concepts.
  3. Collective community engagement over the topics discussed.


Headspace App
  1. Bicycle — a lot of moving parts, but not too complicated a thing, a classic piece of technology, perfect as it is.
  2. Orange — flavourful, full, playful, comfortable and in round shape.
  3. Bright — associated with wisdom and intelligence.
  4. Soft — unintimidating, welcoming, lots of work but you will be taken care of here.
  5. Water — refreshing, life source, power, moves in different ways, dynamic.
Client Colour Swatch Exercise
  • Masculine / Feminine
  • Simple / Intricate
  • Gray / Colourful
  • Extravagant / Conservative
  • Approachable / Authoritative
  • Necessity / Luxury
  • Fun / Serious
  • Casual / Professional
  • Modern / Classic
  • Elegant/ Sporty
  • Extreme / Safe


Paper Example


CTS Mood Board


CTS Style Tile
Logo Sketches
Logo Progression


Low Fidelity Wireframes
Mid Fidelity Wireframes
High Fidelity Wireframes






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