Playfair Display Type Specimen — UI Case Study


Moen, Denmark





  • It is still quite rare to find a classical typeface tuned for display sizes


A comparison between William Martin’s Boydell’s Shakespeare venture, Baskerville by John Baskerville, and Playfair Display

Font Pairing

Places Used

The Design Process

Design Inception

Mood Board

Style Tile & Brand Guideline

User Testing

  1. I first started with usage. Right away the potential customer could see what the typeface is used for and decided if that meets their needs.
  2. Next I created a style section so the customer could tryout the font to see if the design matched their content.
  3. Following the style section, I created the design section to give more detail about the actual typeface. This section is important because it breaks down the key elements of Playfair Display differentiating it from other serif typefaces.
  4. Finally I finished the page with a download section that reiterates the key points of the typeface and provides a simple CTR for customers to download the typeface.
Design iterations of the landing page





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