How to find Halal Food Products?

Tech Nerd
Tech Nerd
Jan 5, 2016 · 2 min read
HalalBuddy, an app to search for Halal ingredient with Wikipedia Extension.

If you are a muslim traveller or a muslim living outside a non islamic countries, it is quite a challenge to find halal food products.

Thankfully, we can find a few apps for that, and a couple who can do a really good job. Search “halal” on Google PlayStore or Apple Appstore will provide you a list of halal finder apps.

Most of these apps focus on scanning the products’ bar codes and the product names. If you are living in the US for example, the best apps for this is Scan Halal. The Scan Halal has tons of really cool features, most importantly, people can contribute to the database by taking pictures of the product and filling in the information about the product.

Another cool one is to check the E-numbers that might contain haram ingredient. Halal Check is the best out there, it has a lot of features, but the main one is to check the halal e-numbers. The database are quite extensive and you have the option to share a product results with your friends.

Most interesting one is HalalBuddy, it is quite new and it has some experimental features such as Optical Character recognition (OCR) to read the ingredient label and immediately return the result. The OCR is still experimental and unstable. But the interesting part is the search bar, you can insert multiple ingredients in the search bar. What’s more, the app’s auto suggestion feature will quickly recommend the ingredient as you type. a features that will make the search 10 time faster than any other apps.

Even with a lot of apps, finding a halal product is not as easy as it sound. You must have at least basic knowledge about halal, haram and mushbooh. More importantly, always consult with your local halal authority or imaam. Do a lot of research if you are in doubt.

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