When I researched it, I found that I’m not alone

pug dog looking sad
pug dog looking sad
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Heads-up, this article is not going to be a technical one where I will be complaining about people’s code and bad documentation for developer unhappiness. It’s about a problem which is much bigger, that we all will face in our dev careers, and here we will discuss some solutions as well.

I have broken this article into three parts, where the first part will help you understand the problem and the other two parts are about the solution to the problem.

Part 1. Understanding the Problem

A group of developers did an experiment with some randomly selected developers on GitHub, and they identified a list of reasons that developers become unhappy. …

Things to keep in mind if you build a web app with Flutter

Hand holding phone
Hand holding phone
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The aim of this article is to give a heads-up to all the developers out there so that they can build and plan better web apps, set them up for success, and help avoid some embarrassing issues I came across.

Note: As of November 2020, Flutter for the web is still in beta. After playing around with some POCs, I felt it was a fit for my application requirements, so I went ahead with it for production.

I initially wanted to use Firebase Realtime Database, but Google has surprisingly yet to build the plug-ins for Flutter web. …

Build personal projects that will give you an edge in your engineering interviews

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To a certain extent, the projects on your resume will control what you will be going through in the interview.

If you have just any random cliche projects, the interviewer will bring out questions from their own books. But if you have some really interesting and valuable things to talk about based on what you have built, it will give you a lot more confidence and a clear edge over other candidates.

Some Myths to Bust Before We Get Started

1. You have to build a project that you are passionate about

You don’t have to build a project you are passionate about.

If you really are passionate about it, go for it, but it isn’t necessary to get you a job. All you have to do is identify the audience that will actually be checking out your projects (technical leads, hiring managers, etc.). …

The hard and soft skills that great PMs embody

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Product management is a very diverse domain and is great for people who are more inclined towards being a generalist. It’s a great option for developers who not only love to code but also understand the other aspects of your applications like design, architecture, and the business side of the things.

There is a set of both hard and soft skills that you will need to develop over time to become an awesome product manager.

The Hard Skills

1. Problem-solving attitude

When we are given a problem can we find a unique, different, and feasible solution to it or we just feel like giving up on it? …

Some general rule for Humans to apply to boost their productivity and get more out of life

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Just remember these points before you read further:

1. We all are humans and we all are different.

2. Your potential shouldn’t be limited by what somebody else tells you.

3. If you believe you can or you can’t, you are right!

We all have heard/read to work in 30 minutes blocks while taking 5–10 minutes breaks. When I read that, I believed that if I study for longer than 30 minutes, I will be burning myself out, will lose my productivity, so I really should take a break. Eeeeeh Wrong!

Introducing the simple 4-hour technique:

So you sit down and do your work for 4 hours continuously with focus and then with one break of two hours you come back and repeat the 4-hour block. …

If you don’t know these, you will always be an employee

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1. Schools teach you nothing about Finances

Yup, they don’t and that is the first point you have to know and align your life expectations. They will get you a job to survive in today’s world but won’t make you rich.

What you get to learn is to go to school is to do well in exams, get a job, work until you are old and then retire and live off your retirement-account till you die and hey, wish you don’t live too long in old-age.

There are jobs which are getting wiped out as the technology advances and the taxes are going to increase over time, hence why aim to get a job in life? …

You don’t have to depend on your dev career alone to grow as a developer

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I can completely understand if you sometimes feel as though you are not growing in your career or are not getting a chance to learn something new, as you are busy delivering on the client’s requirements.

Today, we will go over a few pointers on how you can grow as a developer all on your own.

How Can You Grow as a Dev?

  1. Growing can mean that you have practiced enough to solve a problem you once encountered much faster now. You know how that feature can be implemented in your application when somebody asks you to do so.
  2. You challenge the existing best practices and solutions. You strive to find a better solution to the problem. There might be existing solutions in place, but you have the ability to improve them for the community. …

For those who want to enter or already are in the tech industry

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This story is for all the developers out there who are growing in their career and for all the students out there who think all they have to do is Machine Learning to get a decent job.

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  • We will be covering the most popular career paths around Software Development.
  • None of them is superior to the other.
  • You can pick whatever excites you.
  • There are a lot of management and business positions that you can move into from a lot of these careers but that is beyond the scope of today’s story.
  • The order of the list means nothing.
  • The ‘barrier for entry’ means the number of efforts it will take you to get into that role combined with preferred experience that companies look for in those roles. …

Nasdaq is at its all-time high despite the current pandemic, but there are events and reasons you should be aware of before you jump in or out.

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Small Disclosure

I am not a financial expert, nor this is a sponsored story by anyone.

This story was written from the knowledge and logical understanding I got after doing reading and research around the current and past scenarios.

My intention is to help you form your opinion about the topic and not enforce my opinion on to you.

How the crash in 2020 happened?

Our economy runs majorly on consumerism. If people don’t buy, businesses suffer, then they try to cut down by laying off their employees, which means people suffer, which is like a cycle as shown here.

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The world economy took a major hit once when COVID hit us. Many countries went into lockdown and many businesses suffered from this which caused our market to crash. …

Tools that help you work smarter, not harder

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Here are some tools that the developer community loves. They aren’t targeted towards any particular niche of developers, so I’m sure you’ll find some of them helpful.

As one time or another, we all play the role of designer, front-end developer, and back-end developer and these tools will help boost your productivity in each of those roles. Or perhaps you’re working with different people in your team, who are playing these roles, in which case you can share these with them and boost the productivity of your whole team!

Let’s get started!

1. Cloudcraft

Cloudcraft is for back-end developers.

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All back-end developers seem to do is plan out their back end — especially when its AWS and there are so many different services at play. But instead of doing them on a flat boring drawing tool, they could be using Cloud Craft. …


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