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Open laptop by a window overseeing some greenery.
Open laptop by a window overseeing some greenery.
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In this article, I want to talk about the personal interview process. For a long time, I had only been on one side of that process — and I think did pretty well.

But approximately five months ago, I started to interview front-end engineers for my company (METRO Markets in Düsseldorf).

In this article, I want to talk about:

  • How to prepare for the interview and why you might want to do that.
  • Which areas you should not forget to present.
  • What is important in that process for me as an interviewer.


I truly believe that an interview is not enough to understand the value of an engineer and determine if they will commit to the team or not. …

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Some of you may have an idea of web application or even idea of a business, but a variety of different tools and costs of servers could be discouraging to start with it.

In an article, I’ll try to guide you through my journey of working with different tools and frameworks, that helped to build an application with really small costs, which had up to 10,000 monthly user traffic.

Generally we spent 50–60 euro per month for cloud services, and all other tools we used for free, and they have brought a lot of value to the team collaboration.

I’ll give a hint on decisions made and some caveats that were there along the way. …

Beginner’s Guide for automatic deployment of a Node.js app

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Technology used:

  • GitLab CI
  • post-receive git hook
  • pm2
  • digital ocean droplet

Hey everyone!

I am working on a small startup with a friend as a side project. It’s a job-search board for tech in Germany, called Recently I had an idea to optimise some resources and find something cheaper than Heroku. Heroku was extremely expensive — two machines for a web application with 512mb RAM each were $50 per month.

After recent Hacktoberfest (which I really enjoyed and can only advise you to participate in next year), I got my eyes on Digital Ocean and found that they provide 1 CPU and 3gb RAM server for $15 per month. …

Create a sitemap of routes, pages, and dynamic routes

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Hey to everyone reading this! In this article, I’d like to investigate the different options of creating sitemaps in Nuxt using the sitemap module.

If you want to create a sitemap of all your routes and pages and add dynamic routes, request your back-end API, or even if you want to create multiple sitemaps with a sitemap index file, this module will provide you with everything you want.


  • Sitemap module options.
  • Simple single sitemap with routes.
  • Sitemap with requesting from API.
  • Sitemap for several indexes.
  • Sitemap for multi-lang websites.

Module Options

Here are all the options available:

  • route(array | function)
    You can manually add routes there to definitely put in the sitemap or use that property to request the routes from an API, so it can be dynamically generated from your DB. …

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Photo by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash

For more than a year, I’ve been working with Nuxt.js on a daily basis.

In this review, I’ll try to summarize all of the ups and downs of working with this framework. Hopefully, this article may persuade you to try Nuxt on your new project while being aware of some caveats along the way.


  • I’ve had a year with working in Nuxt on a daily basis
  • Nuxt is very convenient and amazing for production
  • Nuxt is extendable and has lots of features and is driven by a vast and talented community
  • Nuxt does have some caveats, which I’ve built some workarounds…


Mikhail Starikov

Tech Lead @ METRO Markets GmbH, Düsseldorf

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