Cut DApps development time and skip supporting and managing wallets. Also get more security with air gapped crypto transactions using your phone only.

4 min readJul 26, 2022

TL;DR: Use your smartphone’s camera to make all Ethereum transactions with QR codes only. On the DApp side, show only a QR code to make a transaction and get smart contract data using TheGraph or similar.

Using Eyepto vs. other wallets currently on the market

What does it do?

Simply put, Eyepto will read a QR code displayed from a DApp, and will allow you to make the transaction. This create a vacuum between your wallet and the DApp you are using, as current crypto wallets in the market either run in the DApp or the DApp is run in the wallet.

Once the transaction is submitted, the DApp can simply watch the blockchain and show the user the updated data. Eyepto will take care of showing all data related to the transaction, and the DApp can use something like TheGraph to retrieve blockchain data! There will be no more real need to even write web3 code, and thus regular JS devs without much crypto experience can write frontends for smart contracts.

For daily usage, there is no more need to install a browser extension to make transactions, one can simply point their camera on a QR code and make the transaction through Eyepto. Making it safer than having your seed phrase on your browser on a computer that can be comprised; and for serious usage, with high value transactions, support for hardware wallets will be added to Eyepto to give that extra layer of security when needed.

Another thing that this flow will allow, is to make transactions even without using a DApp, as QR codes can be scanned in the outside world. For example to make any type of transaction with a physical store, and not only purchases and token transfers!

QR codes to replace all injected browser wallets


After refactoring a 2 years old codebase, I had to do a lot of changes to get it to support various wallets with various flows and newer tooling; and I thought to myself, that should not be necessary and it’s only taking a lot of time from actually building the DApp.

Also as a user, I don’t feel comfortable inputting my seed phrase on a browser wallet on my computer to make a quick transaction. And at the same time, using a hardware wallet, while it’s the most secure way, is too slow for every day use.


Currently most people use a browser wallet like Metamask, and most DApps are not built to display a QR code only.

For users who want to already start using QR codes for all their transactions, a chrome extension (already built and in an experimental state) will be made available to convert any regular Metamask transaction into a QR code.

For devs who want to get ahead and start supporting QR codes as part of their current flow, a web3-react connector is planned.

For newer DApps wanting to develop their app the fastest possible, they can just directly use any module to display a QR code (more info on this soon), and use TheGraph or web3/ethers to read data from the blockchain directly using a web3 module.

Plans for the future

Currently Eyepto is very much in a barebones, experimental version, and everyone is welcome to participate in the testing, and share feedback! (Please join the discord for that)

It’s only the beginning and the TODO list is HUGE already! Essential features to allow complete control over transactions come first on the roadmap. Similarly features to have good insight about the smart contracts interacted with are important for secure and safe transactions.

Later on, other functionalities are planned, such as secure signing of messages, authentication using your wallet, bridging assets between various EVM chains, direct calls to a suicide hotline when the market is bad, QR code generation within Eyepto, transaction history and value flow statements, trusted contacts, etc.

All of these functionalities will only serve as the foundation and entry point for a smart contract wallet that will improve users security and control over their funds. Among the initial planned security features, is social recovery, safe access to whitelisted DApps in the Eye Network when needed, dynamic caps on transactions, etc.

More on the Eye Network and smart contract wallet will be shared soon. Stay tuned!

Get involved

If you are interested in following the development of this project, please join the discord, or follow the twitter.




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