Open Source Home Automation Development Kit

OSHADK is a home automation development kit using which you can create your own home automation solutions and publish it with your own brand name. Open Source Home Automation Development Kit consists of ESP8266 based Hardware and a mobile app built using React Native technology.

ESP8266 based Hardware has a firmware which works in sync with the React Native App to provide automation solution like turning on and tuning off appliance and showing the current status of the appliance. The firmware can be flashed in any ESP8266 or ESP8285 based hardware but you can get a hardware already flashed with the firmware.

React Native App is ready to work with Android platform but with small amount of UI changes it can be made to work with the IOS platform as well. Here is the demo of Android App for Open Source Home Automation Development Kit.

Following are the main features of OSHADK :

  • Control of appliance without internet (offline mode)
  • Control of appliance without router (offline mode)
  • Control of appliance with internet (online mode)
  • Show current status of appliance
  • Control appliance i.e. turn it on/off
  • Store last status (on/off) before disconnected from power supply
  • Set timer to turn on/off appliance at specific time

There are very few ready to use Open Source Home Automation Solutions available. This kit can help to quickly publish your own home automation solution.

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