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Developing full stack web applications is a highly valued skill. Unfortunately it also involves overcoming an unexpectedly high learning curve. In my last post I talked about aspiring developers struggle learning software development, and what is the correct way to approach this learning curve. If you haven’t already, check out that article.

In this post I will go over some of the concepts that need to be understood before you can fully jump into writing a full stack web application.

This post is meant for people who have tried developing applications at least once or know how to code and want to jump into the world of development. If you are completely new to the programming world, this post is probably not the best way to start. If you are a veteran reading this, feel free to provide feedback and let me know if I missed something. …

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Believe me or not, there are still many people who think that if you know how to code, you know how to create software.

I know, right?

This mindset leads people to take programming 101 courses over and over again in different languages in hopes that they will learn how to develop applications.

Eventually they realize that they will need to take courses on Angular, React, Express, Laravel, Rails or whatever the framework of the week is. …

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Finally… the app has a name! My very first app is live on Google Play! This is the second pre-alpha release of the app. Changes introduced are listed below :

1 — Bookings : Like the Invitation list, now a list of bookings is available. Users can add details like description, contact and booking cost.

2 — Android : The application is now available on Google Play for free without any ads. Planning a wedding has never been this easy!

3 — Icons and Colors : The app now features certain red shades as the theme colors, and icons of all sizes. …


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Full stack developer, love creating beautiful apps. Plays guitar, drums, football in free time. Searching for the true meaning of life (and ‘this’ in JS).

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