The Female Entrepreneur: Women Who Run Their World

Female Entrepreneur are taking the world by storm. In fact, among Generation Y entrepreneurs, women are more successful than men. But what makes them so successful? And how are they improving the business landscape as a whole? This infographic from USC Marshall outlines those positive points, from job creation to career growth.

The infographic also includes other fun facts about female entrepreneurship, like the geographic regions where it’s most concentrated, and other tidbits on revenue and valuation. It looks a somewhat difficult-to-broach topic around which there’s a lot of conflicting information and incorporated the facts into a well-designed visual.

It has consistent style and lighting, and we love infographics than can seamlessly incorporate a map. Being able to share geographic statistics in the visual way is key — and, it helps people digest a big chunk of data. But our favorite part has to be the use of pictogram charts where each icon represents a specific value — to make it easier for the viewer to visual the data. Pictogram charts can help you achieve a more representational view of your data, and even overcome differences in language, culture, or education, according to The Data Visualization Catalogue.

Infographic: HubSpot

Source: Read In Brief