Top WordPress Photography Themes

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Santino — Photography WordPress Theme

Santino is designed especially for gallery-style layouts with seven different options. The theme allows you to play background music, comes with stunning animated effects, a built-in ratings system, Google Fonts and the ability to publish public or private galleries. The full-page design is responsive and included sliders add a “wow” factor.

Santino is a powerful theme that works with images of any shape and size. The gallery layout options are some of the best available with templates made for a rail slider, masonry grid, isotope, panorama, metro-style grid, Ken Burns or catalog layouts.

Camilla — Horizontal Photography Theme

Camilla is a full screen photography theme with plenty of gallery-style options. The theme is a customizable portfolio that allows you to choose how photos will look, the opacity of overlays and text display. It also includes a nice widget area, plenty of color choices, an easy page builder and features such as page and gallery navigation shortcuts, gallery with optional thumbnails, full page background images and pricing tables.

Camilla is a responsive portfolio that you will love the look of as well. The simple theme highlights great photos and comes with three color skins right “out of the box” — light, red and dark.


Probably the classiest-looking theme on this list, Black Diamond is for those with a fashionable edge to their work.

In contrast to most other themes, Black Diamond employs vertical navigation, with a toggle to slide it off-screen. It clears the way for any one of a number of home page layouts, including a full-screen slider which displays video as well as images, and offers thumbnails to select each slide. Other options for your home page include a masonry photowall and a gallery album view, and they’re just as impressive as the slider.

Finally, there’s little room for text in Black Diamond, unless you utilize the blog pages, but the default typography settings are clear and easily readable — largely down to the default white on black color scheme.

Overall, Black Diamond is an impressive offering, and for those dealing with fashion projects or subjects, it could be ideal.


There’s nothing much more striking than a beautifully captured horizon or nature setting, and Borderland’s focus is to showcase all of the landscapes you capture.

The home page is laid out in a landing page style, utilizing a full-screen slider and parallax background images to contrast against the lighter font and accent colors. It’s not just landing pages that are possible, however; there are a number of ways to display your content.

Onto the portfolio pages, and each entry has a stylish rollover thumbnail. The single portfolio page is not all that unique, but as you scroll further down the page, the text scrolls along with you — a clever touch.

All in all, for those looking to showcase stunning images in a classy and stylish setting, check out Borderland.


As a photographer, it should be inherently clear that the most important element of your website should be the images you produce. With a theme such as Timber, your photos are definitely placed front and center.

The front page of Timber will leave visitors in no doubt as to what your website’s focus is — the only element is a full-screen slider showcasing your images. Rolling over the edge of the screen displays customizable transitions to move between each image, and if you include a relevant call to action within the theme’s admin panel, visitors can click through to each project in question.

Each project is presented in a filmstrip style, and clicking each image enables you to view it full-screen mode, with navigation of the image controlled by your mouse movements. There are other display choices — such as a more traditional full-screen slider, or masonry-style gallery — but the filmstrip is such an impressive option, you may not want to consider the rest. Finally, the choice of over 600 Google Fonts will enable you to match what little text is on display to your overall brand.

Overall, Timber is a near-perfect theme for those who believe that it’s their photos that do all the talking.