Day 2 on journey of becoming Andelean

Things are becoming tougher, journey becoming more harder, I have to learn fast to be able to solve some problems. Studying, reading and coding all day, I even forgot to take my launch, because I have to put extra effort and push myself to the edge

We are ask to learn and write a Simple Command Line that can consume an API, it sound like a kind of fun right? Well API is an acronyms of “Application Programming Interface”. In a short definition API is a set of subroutine definitions tools for building application software. Mostly large companies build API for customers or for internal use. It was a bit challenging writing a command line application that will consume API but some co-programmers, My BFA and of course google have been a good friend all day. I have to do that and other task simultaneously, so that I can keep up with the deadline.

Lesson of the day is that you would always meet challenges, sometimes you would win, other times you will win(as all challenges are there to make us better. So I don’t believe we fail, because we get better). You should never lose sight of the prize, that is what would keep you going.

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