Victims of Indian Democracy.

That video of a man carrying home the corpse of his wife on his shoulders seems to have shook the nation, you need to be pretty hard not to be shaken by those visuals . What shakes you is the way the man and his daughter moves on, accepting the realities of life. The absolute lack of dignity in death. Mourning and grieving in an undignified way, animal like. Affirming that dignity and grace in death is a luxury affordable only for the well to do Indians .

We , as a nation, will move on to other issues, India is playing west Indies in USA soon, A new Amir film is being released next month, Shobha De will say something to grab attention. Rahul Gandhi will say something stupid and humor us, we will move on, definitely .

Actually I dont know why it should hurt , you can see worst if you hang around any government hospital mortuary in any city in India . I have seen a young mother wailing about cost of carrying her daughter’s body to their village, just 30 minutes after the daughter was declared dead. She had no time to mourn or grieve in dignity .She had to face the harsh realities of her life. Her political masters have failed her. There are many such incidents where democracy , rather than coming to the rescue has been the cause of suffering in India . Shouldn’t every political party fly their flags in half mast as an apology to such victims of democracy , their leaders must hang their head in shame as a mark of their impotency. Every statue of those dead Indian political masters ( Gandhi and Nehru and Sardar Patel and the dead regional ones) must be fully clothed and covered for a few days as a sign of acceptance of their betrayal .

Think of it , the parties come to power with the votes of the poor and the underprivileged. They vote the netas to power , not the citifolks or us Facebook crowd or twitterati bcause we represent a small vote bank ,we hardly matter and these people really matter electorally and they are the ones who are let down , again and again, in drought and in flood , in life and death.

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