If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

You are a special kind of stupid if you think this tactic is going to work in any particular degree. And I find it hilarious that you try to make this about the people voting for Stein all because you’re pissed off that Hillary is losing and you refuse to admit that Hillary’s strategy of pivoting to the right is a failed one. You refuse to admit that her strategy of giving forth nothing but substanceless statements and fear mongering of the right isn’t going to work and is pushing people further away. You can’t even admit that Hillary has made some major blunders throughout her campaign… but you would rather put forth most of your effort to insulting people who are key to winning the election. Here’s the thing, its not my fucking job to support Clinton, it’s her job to convince me and elate my fears over her actions in the past and how that comes into the present. I am not a party loyalist hack like you who would sooner admit to having fascist viewpoints about voting (voting is an expression of the voter, whether you like it or not. If you deny this, then you’re just invoking a fascist tendency that the voter needs to vote for whoever it is that will keep the state healthy by defeating some “greater evil,” which doesn’t work out well historically, or do I need to remind you how Hitler was appointed chancellor?) than admit that this strategy of attacking voters to vote for Hillary isn’t going to work.

But the most hilarious thing about this all is when it comes down to it, none of this has ever worked in the past. Ralph Nader for example did not spoil the election because he lost his own state, had only 2% of the vote and Gore had more popular votes than Bush, but he still lost. But the funny thing is though, is that if you bothered to look at the people who didn’t vote… you would come to a stark realization that it wasn’t Nader that spoiled the election, it was the fact that 42% of the U.S., didn’t vote in that election. That means almost fucking half of the country was not moved to vote for Gore or Bush or Nader. Yet Nader is supposed to be the one responsible for spoiling the election? Get the fuck out of here.

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