Snapchat stories vs. Instagram stories

Though snapchat was the first social media network to use the concept of “stories”, short video clips that are gone within 24 hours, Instagram has adopted the idea and is already winning in popularity. Along with Snapchat’s defeat to Instagram, they have also been losing users at an alarming rate, as people start to lose sight of the point of Snapchat if they can just do the same thing with one less social media account. When I first saw Instagram stories, I was very surprised and immediately wanted Instagram to go back to the way it was before. As time passed on, I began to like and even use Instagram stories myself. In the article link attached below, there are five reasons why Instagram stories are taking over Snapchat. These reasons include how easy it is to find people, metrics, sharing and tagging, larger audience, and more content options. I personally just ike the Instagram stories better because it allows you to be more creative and the images or vidoes look a little more “artsy”. I had not even thought of the other reaosns why Instagram was winning but this article really opened up my eyes to the things that people are attracted to as far as social media goes. Facebook has even hoppped on the bandwagon with stories, but they do not seem to be doing as well I think becasue Facebook is viewed more as a family site and not a creative outlet. Whether or not Snapchat will make a comeback or disappear completely is questionable to me, but I am okay with Instagram taking over.

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