Make an Amusement Park

Poem illustrated in my journal

I know you will find that place
Where your dream is the reality that everybody sees.
Don’t build a museum of your work,
ON DISPLAY! To be admired and judged!
Build an amusement park out of it,
To be visited by souls looking for inspiration,
For them to see a new possibility,
Where they can touch, feel, play and lose themselves,
In the islands of prototypes, books, crafts, journals
And everything you called Passion.
Everything you called Life.
Let this wonderland of your life
Pull at the threads of their hearts and head,
To shape and reshape their dreams
Don’t write about your journey and its glory
To be read, admired and forgotten.
Make an amusement park
And let them ride on the rollercoaster of your life
Experiencing its simplicity, its beautiful complexity and its ugly ditches,
And let them narrate your story in their own way
And then you’ll hear tales about yourself
All differently narrated, all about one beautiful journey
That was yours but travelled by so many,
To reach a place where your dream is reality.

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