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Kejimkujik National Park, NS, Canada pictured by me

It’s been two months of me being a part of the software engineers’ tribe in the IT jungle, as an Android engineer in an ed-tech startup. Because of the ongoing pandemic, I am working from home like a lot of other tribe members. I never expected my first job to start remotely. I was very excited to start my carrier as a software developer, especially because it would have been an opportunity to move to a new city and explore places — travelling soul I tell you ☹️ — but that didn’t happen because of the pandemic.

I have made some observations about the differences in professional life (remote 😢) and college life; about working at a startup and working remotely (😶). This will be my first article on medium, and as it is said, it takes the greatest amount of effort to start something, so let me overcome the inertia and share my observations with all of you. Let’s…


Devansh Maurya

Android Dev @DoubtnutApp | Ex- Mitacs GRI @DalhousieU, Canada | NIT Meghalaya CSE 2020

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