Are you looking for a natural and healthy alternative for your deodorant? I know I did. Why not try a lemon or lime!

It’s great to feel free to raise your sleeveless arms in public and know that your underarms look nice, but also smell nice too. Unless you find a health store brand that should be aluminum and toxic free, there aren’t lots of choices.

I have been using aluminum free deodorant for the past 5 years, however, it does not work consistently for me. I have had friends and read a few articles on lime and lemon as a deodorant but somewhat overlooked the information. After years of inconsistency with natural and aluminum free deodorant I finally went ahead and tried lemon. And I LOVE IT!

Below are some information I researched online and the benefits of how to use LIME or LEMON as a deodorant.


It’s no secret that limes and lemons are acidic. That’s exactly why they act as a great deodorant!

It’s all about your Apocrine glands and bacteria. Apocrine glands release secretions from inside the body. Bacteria, which makes the bad odor, is naturally attracted to these secretions before they leave your body.When you use lime or lemon as deodorant, you are saturating your underarm Apocrine Glands with the acidic juices neutralizing the bacteria in the secretions with the citric acid. YEA!


When you get out of the shower, or wash your underarms, make sure you dry them completely.

Cut a not too ripe lime or lemon in half.

Gently rub the lime or lemon into your armpits.

Let your underarms air dry afterwards as you want the citric acid to soak into your underarm pores to stop the bacteria from forming, which creates underarm odor.

Save in the frig in a marked glass container as you can reuse the same 1/2 for a few days!

Obviously, don’t put lime or lemon juice on freshly shaved armpits! OUCH!

BONUS! The even better bigger picture here is that using “produce” like this for deodorant daily “conditions” your underarms to stop smelling bad. That’s awesome!


Possible side effects: You might notice your skin lightening from the citric juice.

Citric juice can stain clothing. Make sure your armpits are dry before putting on clothes.

Stay away from this armpit odor treatment if you have cuts or are prone to rashes from over drying.


Sometimes the citric acid might be too strong for your skin to handle. Practice using it daily for a week and you’ll see a gradual yet noticeable difference in your underarm odor.

Let me know how these ideas work for you!

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