How To Get Monthly Income From Investments

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How to get monthly income from investments 
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Anyway I was reading article on how to get monthly income from investments
and it had some great information on the topic in this article 
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So I figured I’d share it with my Wealthbuilderz 
So lets look one of the first options they give you.

Mutual Funds For Monthly Income

Mutual Funds are listed first because these are
actually created to bring in a monthly income. 
That you can live off of monthly. 
When figuring out which Mutual funds to purchase 
keep in mind the higher the return rate 
the higher the risk to your money.

This means the stock that are put together
with the Mutual Funds are at a higher ratio. 
So this means your money has more of a chance of decreasing

unlike if the mutual funds out ratiod higher to the stocks. 
Then its less riskier but you get less return on your money

Investing Stocks That Pay Dividends

This is a good one because you can actually purchase 
blue chip stocks and just let your money do the work for you.

You don’t worry much other then reinvesting the dividends 
into the stock or making it a take home pay.

These type of stocks are usually big companies like Coca Cola, Disney and companies like that
You also have ETF’s that pay dividends to. Just in case you don’t to just buy whole stocks 
you can purchase ETFs that pay you dividends

Investing in Peer to Peer to lending

Now investing in peer to peer lending can be a slow grind and some what tricky 
because you need to first is finding the loan that you want to invest in
Then atleast $100 — $1000 into the loan 
and then make sure the loan has a real good return

I have a video that goes into detail in the description.

Parking Cash in Money Markets and Certificates of Deposit
You can also buy these but 
they are the longest to actually grow and mature 
And start getting you a monthly income.

So there you have it. 
Those are the simplest ways to get monthly income from investments

This is how people get passive income 
without putting into to much upfront work.

The question is do you have the extra money to invest in
these kind of opportunities and really have a substantial 
amount of money coming in. 
The better question is do you have the time?
because the money will come if left in these investments long enough

But are you willing to wait that long for it?

Probably not. You probably need something right now 
that will change your life.

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How to get monthly income from investments

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