The DeVault Blockchain will be launching on Tuesday June 4th at 8am PST.

Introducing DeVault; a digital economy built by users, for users. A true community based proof-of-work project.

DeVault is an experimental peer-to-peer digital cash project built with the goal of harnessing the collective knowledge and intrinsic value of the p2p economy. Creating an ever growing Multi-DAO system geared towards educating, on-boarding and supporting the cryptocurrency adopters of today and tomorrow.

In DeVault, the focus is placed on the end user in terms of the incentive structure, the voting systems, and in the overall planning process. Unlike Bitcoin where miners are the only governance mechanism or Dash where you need a Masternode to have a vote, we have lowered the barrier to entry to a single coin per vote. We hope this concept will provide a robust system for users to not only have a voice in community governance and funding, but also to provide an additional utility for the digital coins beyond selling for products or services.

Cold Rewards for ANYONE. No node, no problem.

We have added a custom reward system we’ve named ‘Cold Rewards’ where users that hold coins for extended periods of time without having outgoing transactions will be automatically rewarded coins from coinbase transactions after a period of 21,915 blocks in a decentralized and trustless fashion. Users holding more than 1000 DVT in a single UTXO will be rewarded periodically, more technical details can be found here:

The Cold Reward system was added with the intention of rewarding our day to day users with rewards akin to mining rewards for their continued support, and participation in the DeVault Economy.

DeVault.Online launch to follow.

To further help facilitate peer-to-peer interaction online and offline we have started a web application catered towards helping not only users interact but will also expand to include larger communities, businesses and some other secret concepts we would like to keep under wraps until they go live. But rest assured DeVault.Online will focus on helping support the users, businesses and content creators of the larger DeVault Economy.

DeVault is a social experiment, NOT an investment opportunity, please do not acquire DVT with the goal of trading it for a higher price or generating profit as the inflation rate for the first 2 years is fairly high. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR DECISIONS. There are ways to earn DVT and we do not encourage gambling on the prices of cryptocurrencies.

The official genesis block launch time will be June 4th at 8:00am PST. Please Visit to learn more about the project or join us in Discord & Telegram.

We also tweet from time to time: