Do Something Fun:

My fun activity that I did was sort of unexpected but I went into the Comedy club (Stand Up) meeting where I learned about stand up and the processes that it takes to do it. We went through potential jokes and did workshops for material to use. We talked about how often we used material and what kind of things are funny to use. We went over crowd experience things that have gone well and things that have been disastrous, and ways to learn from these experiences. Overall I had a great time and I might even end up coming back and doing some stand up of my own. Maybe later in the semester or at some point when I don’t have so much work.

Mind Map (image):

I did not do a hand written mind map only the digital.

Mind Map (digitization)

I started my idea generation (mind map) on the digital website/program. I first started to thing about what were the obvious things. Then started to branch out, what were things that wouldn’t exactly spring to your mind when you thought about Health and Well being for me this was work and work environment. There were other things that did come up to my mind but this was something unexpected. However, it’s not what I exactly wanted to focus on, because it feels limiting to the things that you can do. Once I had finished my mind map I was really looking to what I can do, what is interesting, and what I can get some sort of person experience from to help me come up with ideas.

Suggested Themes:

My three themes I want to focus on are, sleep/quality of sleep, stress management, wearable tech for exercise. I chose sleep/quality of sleep because it is something that connects well with be since I have sleep insomnia which means it takes longer for me to fall asleep because my brain is too active. This means that usually I can expect me to take a long time to fall asleep in some cases if I wake up it’s almost impossible that I can ever fully go back to sleep. However, my case is small in comparison to other people. My sleep insomnia is not to an extent that means I can never enjoy sleep, but it means that most days I have always tired. I wanted to pursue this path in order to help other people or see what kind of issues/products to bring out of it. Another thing that has a personally attachment is stress management, I used to have bad anxiety and be very stressful, through this I want to see what kind of ideas/products I could pursue to better help manage this for people that have such severe problems that they need medication. 
The wearable technology in exercise is something that I wanted to pursue because it something that is forever changing in such a modern world. With technology becoming more advance I want to see what kind of ways technology can improve exercise this being what you wear assisting you in something that you don’t necessarily know without physically checking your body. This could also be something as not knowing what kinds of exercises affect your biology/personal self and ways to take advantages
of this knowledge.

Overview of Themes:

1. Sleep/Sleep Quality.

2. Stress Management

3. Wearable Technology in Exercise

Ten Silly Ideas:

1. No Wifi-Yet

A wrist band that blocks your WiFi from your phone/ at home unless you have exercised for a certain amount of minutes a day.

2. Remote Control Heatable Jacket

An all purpose winter jacket that you can manual change the heat of the jacket with a remote control. This is meant so that you don’t have to wear layers upon layers of clothing but only one jacket.

3. Spider Wheelchair

A wheelchair that can climb over material. Normally a wheelchair cannot go over elevated grounds. The Spider Wheelchair can climb over things with its two front wheels raised up and then pushing itself up. These legs would also help move around rocky terrain.

4. Retractable Running Cleats

The name says it all cleats that have spikes that can retract with a flip of the wrist. Normally these spikes have to be manually put in and taken out. There have been things like this made, however, not for running cleats only winter boots/mountain climbers.

5. Edible Notebook

A create way to snack when you are doing your homework. How else could you ever say, “I just ate my homework.” It comes with edible lead/ink pens so you can write with and still eat the pages.


6. The Dummy

The idea behind this product was for those who have depression and to increase emotional wellbeing. We all enjoy dogs and cats that do stupid and funny things. Well, The Dummy does all those things but he’s not a cat or dog, he’s a robot! The Dummy’s job is to be silly and give terrible advice and tell jokes, and in some cases run into things by mistake. All in the sake of cheering you up.

7. Magic Slippers

These shoes are for those who run and night or early in the morning where the sun has yet to come up. It can also be used for kids who are lost. The Magic Slippers just like in the Wizard of Oz by clicking your toes together two times it activates lights at the feet and activates a GPS tracker that lets you know where home is. By buzzing when you are heading in the wrong direction. It doesn’t necessarily have to be home, you could simply create a new location that the shoes would have saved up in its memory bank.

8. Doctor’s Little Helper

Who doesn’t like Koala Bears? Little kids love them, what they don’t like is taking their medicine. With this little robot meant to used in hospitals its provides kids their medicine with cheerful advice on why its beneficial for them to take it. After all kids never listen to their parents but they do listen to fluffy little animals who want to be their friend.

9. Visual Exercises

Most people don’t know that visual exercises can actually improve vision. (This can be more beneficial for those who have glasses and or lazy eye(s)) The glasses show a dot that you have to track, this is a common system normally done with your finger. The advantage of using this product is that you won’t know where the dot will go next keeping you on your toes and helping improve your vision.

10. Digi Bat

To help people get into baseball more, or hitting in general. The Digi- Bat can track how fast the ball you hit was and how far it went. It will tell you ways to improve your hit and show you other fun games to play on it.

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