Problem Statement: How can we the safety of a child in social situations?

My General Ideas:

Here are some highlighted ideas from generating on my own time, prior to the brainstorm session.


  1. Magic Slippers- Shoes that help you find your way back home when you are lost and also light up in the night.
  2. A jacket that can control the heat or the coolness inside of the it with a click of a button through the usage of a remote.
  3. A hate that also functions as a helmet that can protect a child from anything dangerous hitting his/her head or from falling.
  4. Turtle Neck filter, a turtle neck that you can place to your nose to filter out the air around you and make it clean. Mostly for the purposes of being around people who smoke to avoid second hand smoking.
  5. Drug Detectable Earrings, this earrings will vibrate when near in contact with a harmful drug.
  6. Pepper Spray Watch, a watch that contains pepper spray instead it to catch thief's or snatchers off guard and takes less take to use then a regular pepper spray can as it avoids the time needed to grab the can out of your pocket or purse.
  7. Mood Ring that’s digital, this mood ring will track your child’s mood throughout the day to help better understand them.
  8. Clothing that prevents bruises.

New Warm Up Game:

The game I chose to make was an improv game that is all about thinking on your feet and bouncing off ideas among each other. The game starts by someone saying something along the lines of “I’m a pirate that dances in the streets, but at least I’m not a bunny who eats people!” The person saying this would point at the person that he/she is talking to, the other person
would respond by owning up to what the other person is seemingly trying to dis them about and says something along the lines of, “I’m a bunny that eats people and plays poker, but at least I’m not a toilet man that eats the toilets” The whole idea of this game is to add onto other people’s ideas and owning up to mistakes, the mistakes are being symbolized by the “dis” that
the other person is saying while point to a person who hasn’t gone yet.

Session Organization:

For my brainstorming sessions I had a person who was majoring in Child Development and Psychology , a person who works with little children in a kindergarten and the other person besides babysitting frequently did not have much connection to the overall theme. Unfortunately, I did have another person who also worked with small children, however, something had come up with his work schedule and he was unable to make it the day that I had set up the session.

We roughly spent about 20 minutes brainstorming ideas specifically about product and we came up with 80 total ideas. Our IPM was about 1 idea per person every minute.

IPM= 1 idea per person per minute.

Sorting and Voting:

For sorting we simply put products in categories that related towards one another. The Categories included; Physical Protection of Child, Mental Health, Unable to Help Child (crazy ideas), Wearable items ie: jewelry, watches etc…, Parental Militarization, Self Help products, Cloths, Robots. In the voting processes I told each person that they could star up to three of the products that we made, that way we would hopefully have only around 12 items selected instead of a wide range.

Top Ideas:

  1. Safety Drone- A drone that follows your child to ensure that no harm comes to them. Parents can monitor the drone as well. This product was the idea of Tristan.

2. Best Friend Bot!- This product idea is similar to the drone idea but this is a bit more fragile and is like a pet that is meant to look out for your well being and make sure that you take all your medicine and that you don’t forget anything. As little children always are. This product was the idea of Lilly the Child Development and Psychologist Major and a cat enthusiast.

3. Magnify Your Sickness- This product’s inspiration came from a random item that I choose to show the brainstorming group. It’s function is to point towards a child or grown up and determine if that person is sick and if so, what kind of level of sickness is it? This would help with little children who won’t say if they are feeling dizzy or are getting heated up by a fever. This product was created by me.

4. Hurt Alert!: This product is a necklace that is worn by the child and notifies the parent when the child has been physically injured. This product was created by me.

5. “Life Alert for Youth” : Is a necklace that has a button and intercom with the police and your parents that all the child has to do is click the button to call for help and to make sure the child is not endanger it puts you on the line with an officer. This idea was created by Ruby who was one of the people with only babysitting as her connection to child safety.

6. LipStick Taser: This product is simply what it sounds. A lipstick that is also a taser. The idea came about from pretending to be another person, in this case a secret agent. The idea was created by Lilly the Child Development major who wanted something secretive but also could protect a child (mostly teenagers) when going out and about with their friends.

7. Digital Mood Ring. This product is a mood ring that lets the parent know how the child is feeling and is a two sided product with a built in app. The idea came up with something similar to when I drew my own designs alone, however, this idea was created by Tristan.

8. Child Felonies Detector: This product lets the wearer see if there is a felon near the area or if a person has committed a crime involving a child. This is for the protection of the child as well as for parental knowledge in case they see something when they are with their child. This product idea was created by me.

9. Hug a Clothes! This shirt gives a hug to the wearer when they are feeling depressed, anxiety and stress. The clothing warms up and tightens slightly simulating a hug. This product idea was created by me.

10. Robo Friend: This product is a robot that simulates a person walking with you. The idea came from the fact that a child will seem like they are not alone because it appears that a grown up is walking with them when in fact it is just a robot. This product idea came from Tristan.