AA changes in update 0.8.2

In this post we want to show how the non-linear addition of continuous AA damage from several ships will work in update 0.8.2.

The reason for the change was the fact that in update the AA damage was redistributed: explosion damage was reduced and continuous damage was increased. Before the release of if the player skillfully dodged the explosions, the squadron took almost no losses. Strengthening of the continuous damage balanced the interaction of 1 ship and a squadron, but the total damage from several ships was too effective: planes often could not make even one attack run being in the AA zones of 3–4 ships.

At the same time we can’t just reduce the AA damage of several ships, because then ships that are distant from the allies will become extremely vulnerable. To solve this problem, we implemented a non-linear addition of continuous AA damage.

Now continuous damage from several ships will be less than the sum of their damage, but still more than damage of any one of them.

Damage is always calculated the same way;

  1. The damage of the AA zones firing on squadron is determined;
  2. A reduction factor is calculated for each individual AA zone depending on the number of ships firing and their damage;
  3. Damage is summed up taking the reduction factor in consideration.

The most notable damage reduction is for ships with the same AA damage (0.89 for 2 ships, 0.83 for 3, 0.79 for 4). The more difference in damage, the less will be the reduction.

Let’s have an example: a squadron flies into the mid-range zone of Minotaur and simultaneously into the short-range zone of Shimakaze (signals, upgrades or Commander skills are not considered in this example). The continuous damage values for these zones are 1281 and 203, 1484 in total. For 2 ships with these damage values the reduction factor is 0.94. The resulting damage is 1397.

The factor may differ for each situation. Let’s have another example with smaller difference in damage: long-range zone of Henri IV (169) and mid-range zone of Khabarovsk (140). The reduction factor will be 0.89 and the total damage will be 275 instead of 309.

You can download the table from the link and experiment with different damage values https://drive.google.com/open?id=1skPhXZFYVZTqwuzap9vFUdJe_D1USKlV