Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and new marketing managers, take heed to my words. Learn the basics of how the web works before you buy a website. Developing and planning your website the correct way from the beginning will save headaches for later.

I have had three potential clients come to me this week alone asking me to “review their site”. Only to find they made an attempt to use a free website creator like Wix.com. First off, stop, take inventory of why you want a website and the information you want to communicate. How important is that message? …

A basic introduction to getting your business to the top of Google searches.

Explaining how to get on to the front page of Google is a bit complicated, but something all website owners should become familiar with. Business owners know there are companies out there that sell “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). There are so many people offering SEO that you probably get at least one phone call a day from yet a different sales guy selling you Google placement. …

Step by step instructions on how to get your business off the ground as a new legal entity.

Choose a Name

Make sure to search it on the internet to see if other persons are using the name. If others are using the name, you may incur legal consequences if you use the same or very similar name. Consult an attorney to find out the legal consequences of using a name that is owned by or used by others. Also make sure it fits the Arizona Corporation Commissions Naming Standards. S.

  1. Check legal availability for Arizona on ecorp.AZCC.gov/EntitySearch
  2. Check domain name and social media username availability on NameChk.com

Has anyone ever had one of those moments where you sit down at the computer, and you forget why? That happened to me today, and two hours later I realized I was knee deep into client work. Its Saturday night, why the heck am I working!?

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It won’t get done, until you do something about it.


Feel distracted much? I certainly do, and I know far too many sources of distraction for a healthy human being. I can list websites, games, movies, TV shows, and activities galore that distract me on a daily basis, and frankly it is destroying my self worth.

I have aspirations that beckon to me, begging to come to pass, yet I would rather take the easier option and watch some TV instead. …


Devin Bryce

I’m a nerd. I’m a dad. I’m a husband. I’m also a hobby surfer.

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