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This past Saturday, I attended the first Adulting.Dev conference at the Microsoft office in Times Square. It was organized by Shy Ruparel and Tierney Cyren and inspired by the annual You Got This conference hosted in the UK. This one-day conference was small but powerful, and it was focused more on developers as humans than as code monkeys. The speakers inspired me to make a hype document, get more involved on Twitter; apparently, you can get jobs in tech that way, who knew?; …

This post is going to sound like a brag because it is. I’m losing motivation and focus searching for my first software engineering job out of Flatiron School, and it’s time that I get it back.

I’m just gonna write about my accomplishments in life so far until I feel better about myself and have a bit of confidence to help me proceed with the search.

High School

I was a valedictorian of my high school class. I made STRAIGHT-A’s. I applied for at least 20 scholarships during my junior and senior years, and I got 7 of them (more than anyone else in my class). For my senior project, I built a website using HTML and CSS to host my graphic design portfolio. …

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Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

I’m scared. Are you scared? We’re all scared of something.

I’m scared of meeting new people. Of talking to someone at a bar. Of wearing an outfit I’ve never worn before that might make me look a little weird. I’m really scared of publishing my writing. Of having my code be public and of employers actually looking at it. Oh no. I forgot they can do that! Please don’t look at my code, it’s horrible! Oh crap. I have to apply for jobs soon, and my GitHub links are right there on my resumé.

Six months ago, I was really scared of applying to a coding bootcamp. I was scared of applying for jobs. I was scared of interviews. I’m still scared of interviews, but… I’m going to do it anyway. I just submitted an application for the Microsoft LEAP program. They are only accepting 300 applications, and it’s possible that I’ll be selected for an interview. I’m terrified of that, but I’m going to do it if I get selected. Growth happens at the edge of your comfort zone. I just have to remember that. …

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Coding and writing are more alike than you might think. I’ve been writing as a hobby for about 10 years. I’ve only been coding for a short period of time, but I’ve started to notice that being a writer helps me be a better programmer. These two skills are really not so different. Both coding and writing require some creativity, as there are as many different ways to code something as there are to say something in writing. And there are some very important principles that apply to both. …

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I’m a woman who is learning how to code, and I’ve been attending tech meetups regularly for the past several months. My favorite meetups have been the ones that are focused on women and non-binary people. With the majority of people in this field being men, it feels nice to be in a room full of people whose experiences are similar to my own.

I can share stories of painful experiences and hear from someone who has gone through something similar. We can talk about the gender pay gap, anxiety related to salary negotiations, and which companies are on our blacklist due to how they treat women. …

Last weekend, I participated in my first hackathon — HackFest 2019. I was on a team of 10 people (most of whom I had never met before), and together we created and pitched a web app for organizing hackathons.

Spoiler alert: We didn’t win or place in the competition, but we accomplished what we set out to accomplish over the weekend, and in the end we were proud of ourselves. Some of the HackFest organizers, volunteer mentors, and company representatives were seriously interested in our app idea. …

If you are fairly new to Ruby on Rails (or forgot how to use it) and need a quick guide to creating a CRUD (create, read, update, destroy) web application, then you’ve come to the right place!

Below I have written some simple steps to creating a very simple application, linked to some documentation or a tutorial for each step, and included an example of what you might write for each step.

Here’s a nice, simple tutorial that gives some more context and explanation and walks you through these steps.

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Hi, I’m Danielle. I’m currently a Software Development student at Flatiron School in New York City, and this is my first blog post. That’s me in the beret. This post is about my coding journey, from the first time I saw code, to how I wound up at Flatiron School, to what I hope to do after the bootcamp.

Middle School: The Myspace Daze


Danielle Jasper

Full-stack software developer, writer, and recent graduate of Flatiron School

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