I believed that if you had a great product, it would market itself
Why Founders Fail To Market Their Products
David Bailey

So, there are few case studies we must look at before jumping into conclusions.
a) Excessive marketing — The failure of ‘Color’, the app that burned millions, created a great amount of hype, only to hear *crickets* on the launch day. Great product deserves great marketing, & the ‘greatness’ is the key. You can never be sure when you should call your product ‘great’ enough to be launched.
b) The case of product launches that Joel Spolsky (who sold Trello for good cash) narrates — How v1.0 launches are often quiet & actually meant to be discovered by genuinely Early Adopters, and that it should make way for v2.0 launch which shall be free from major bugs, will have necessary features & hence, should deserve some marketing effort.