Future of Mobile Development
NIkant Vohra

I think Cross-Platform development is going to get much more attention in the future, mainly because it can save time and reduce cost.

You have categorized Titanium as“Hybrid” development — but this is a mistake. Tianium is Cross-Platform Native development that is run in Javascript engine — It should be a category by itself like you did with ReactNative (which is very very very similar to the way Titanium works). Only that Titanium has been around for much more time and offers more out-of-the-box (no — I’m not Appcelerator employee).

Another thing to mention is latest roumars about Google considering using Swift as the primary development language for Android applications (due to Oracle lawsuit and the fact that Swift is no OSS). I think that could be interesting as you might be able to write your logic once and just adjust the UI per platform — getting truly native apps with some shared code.

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