The Nexus Interface v1.1.0

Developer NXS
Jul 20 · 3 min read

This new release includes loads of new features and bug fixes.
We have updated to Electron v5 and Added Nexus Core Daemon 3.0.2
This release will resolve a number of issue people were having with the daemon failing to start.

Release Link

1.1.0 (2019.7.19)

SHA-512 Hash
- Windows Installer
— 5d16a0b9b2f9ec94ece02e99ad28b286b07be63becce3481651714e97499942cde859578462b988f6df962ce5d391daa4f0b32b65def04258f7d1a9b4f4a1bec
- Windows Unpacked
— ce04e36ce39d19a4ca9c932d67fec687097fd100a2a27d14086aa81fdec2a9291958ce9b97ca42dfb2bfdce94d0673fb0c2d2084517cf6b218f676b4e05fe186
- Mac OSX Installer
— f7dc552c28b3805fadc89f65597246d44d7ecbfa10e4962c63c29ba0db8bd85782f7ffaf3924e8d8d9f0a1def11ac2cc8abb580b20882e7b79468ea4c60d2ac1
- Mac OSX Unpacked
— 527d0ab623764ae59cb7fc9f93f495ddba085853a08c0ebaa30515af60d43d4cd7de3a99b5841b1eea22707cd50513994284ff1acab7483288698caa8a327fb7
- Linux Deb
— 56e22c2f2549a1cb80dddb746a6f5cc3762a74be089e66bbd137b69df076dbc1d0040c39c85b978e12186dd982484e04588602116a22a20bf2c862127bf0f7dd
- Linux AppImage
— 361f8dbd62095389ece3b448820dd10f9e335bce4beb2257fde389c2b24ae69ce22fbc8ed77aa1226bacd95c09ed49240bfc7efbe44c9ab5a94950c16f6eda19

Change Log


- Added Nexus Core Daemon 3.0.2
- Orphan is now a option on the Transaction Table
- Added `Hidden Balance` option in overview display settings to allow users to privately share their overview page
- Added functionality to the Balance stat on overview page to change to fiat balance on click
- Wallet position on screen is now remembered for the next time it’s opened
- Added a warning on balance reminding it might not be up-to-date when the wallet is not fully synchronized
- Added ability to disable the Transaction Chart.
- Added Portuguese Language.
- Added a link to Nexus Wallet Guide under Help menu


- Updated Spanish Translation
- Updated styling on `Market Data` page to make 24hr info be clearer
- Default Verbose is now 0, you can change this in the Settings/Core
- Changed the way the More Details modal knows which transaction to look up
- Fake Transactions for testing is now moved out of auto true in dev mode and is now a toggle.
- When selecting the a suggestion on the terminal page, the help portion will no longer be pasted into the input field
- Globe now has a hard display cap of 64, this does not effect your actual backend connections
- Transactions in the transaction table now have a fixed height
- Terminal console now fills only the command (without the description) when a suggestion is selected
- Quit Nexus menu item will now always quit the app regardless of “Minimize on close” setting
- Either Start Daemon or Stop Daemon menu item will be available at one time depending on whether the daemon is running or not
- Login form date input now won’t let you select a day in the past
- Updated wording: use “Core” and “Nexus Core” instead of “Daemon”
- Various reorganization and optimizations of the internal structure
- Updated project’s dependencies
- Bumped Nexus Wallet Module Specification version to 0.2.0


- Fixed issue were if you never installed QT or deleted the QT back up it would auto make a new backup
- Fixed there being a `Nexus_Wallet` AND `Nexus Wallet` folders, Removed `Nexus_Wallet` and will auto move items into correct folder
- Fixed issue with Received transactions not being shown in the table when selecting Receive Only Filter.
- Fixed issue where the daemon would not be set to verbose 0, and set a min/max on the setting
- Fixed issue where you could not copy the Address or Account from a transaction
- Fixed issue where scrolling in the transaction table would also scroll the parent panel
- Fixed incorrect synchronization status icon in some cases
- Fixed My Addresses not showing addresses in some cases
- Fixed some bugs with Bootstrap Recent Database function
- Various typo fixes

Developer NXS

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This is the account for the developers of Nexus

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