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The business world has become more and more leaned on towards technology in the past few years. Even though business has always existed since the early times of man, business would have not been the same as it is today without the advancements in technology and majority of business operations and transactions now somehow involve the use of technology.

To provide with the biggest example of how technology can benefit in technology, we, at CREATIVEHUB, has introduced a Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning System- VHESTA, a cloud based platform to make business processes easier enabling integration of various functions within the organization such as sending automated quotations, managing accounts, receiving outputs of the profit and loss of sales and more to help small businesses reach their targets and goals.

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So, without further ado, let’s find out how businesses can benefit from technology.


One of the biggest advantages technology offers in businesses is gains in productivity. Computers have allowed employees to collaborate effectively, even across great distances, and the adoption of mobile computing devices enables employees to work almost anywhere


Technology also offers businesses great gains in communication. It keeps workers connected and easily locatable wherever they go, reducing the time to enact a meeting. It also offers a wealth of communication opportunities, allowing companies to host meetings online, even allowing video content and virtual whiteboards to share information. Companies who take advantage of the global network also find themselves operating in markets around the world, free to serve customers and patronize suppliers anywhere in the world.


Technology also offers substantial advantages for businesses, especially when it comes to information storage and analysis. Scanning business documents into a database can vastly reduce the amount of storage space required for record keeping, and these electronic documents are much easier to search than their physical counterparts. Information tools can also greatly increase a company’s ability to work with stored data, allowing analysts to quickly identify business trends and locate areas where a company might improve its bottom line.


Another way of how technology can help in businesses is by reducing expenses. Increases in productivity allow companies to do more with fewer workers, reducing payroll costs normally spent on repetitive but necessary business duties. Data storage can reduce warehousing costs. In addition, the analysis and computation abilities of modern machines can bring their own savings, allowing engineering firms to model virtual prototypes before building them or enabling a company to simulate the effects of a proposed change in their business model before making costly alterations.

In conclusion, technology has completely changed the way business is done today and business and technology co-exist and each of them is important for the existence of the other and will continue to do so.

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