When and when not to use Wordpress

Mong Montilla
Feb 1, 2018 · 3 min read

More than 60 million websites out there is powered by Wordpress. Not only Wordpress is free, it is fully customization with various functions and thousands of themes available for you to use. But what was Wordpress built for? In the beginning, Wordpress was for blogging based on a PHP language with plugin architecture and a template system, Wordpress caught the attention of many, considering that its an opensource project, wordpress immediately started to transform and improve due to multiple contributors.

Now Wordpress is being used to create various type of website ranging from simple to very complicated structures. But is it okay to use Wordpress for any kind of website? what if your trying to create a eCommerce? what if you only need a single landing page that contains your contact details? The answer will always be “it depends”.

Why “it depends”? well let say you want a eCommerce website. If you are planning to list 1000 items or less and your traffic wont go over 10,000 visits, then you can you Wordpress. But if you are looking to create a website that would cater to millions with thousands of items listed then its better to use a platform that focuses on eCommerce like Shoppify or Magento. Why? because Wordpress can only handle so much users, even Wordpress.com requires a powerful enough server to handle over 40,000 users. A good eCommerce structure would require a membership system to save their data for easy checkout, and because of this, Wordpress is also not suitable for such. Wordpress is a opensource platform that post any update changes publicly, exposing its vulnerability to hackers if there are any. Unless you create your own functions and don’t rely on plugins or themes to create your eCommerce site then you can easily avoid being hacked by some safety measures and avoiding vulnerabilities during production.

Now why use Wordpress? Its connected everywhere! You can integrate almost anything to Wordress. If you are planning to create a website to promote a product, company or an event then Wordpress is for you. You can easily integrate google analytics and ads to your Wordpress and easily drive traffic to your website. Not only that, Wordpress has a wonderful post system that can easily be modified not only that you can add custom post as per your requirements.

In conclusion, i’m not trying to delude readers to not to use Wordpress, i am merely imparting information mustered from years of experience with Wordpress. All in all Wordpress is a good platform for CMS, you can add and remove content easily with just few clicks and it has a good media control system making it suitable for information websites and portfolios. If you want to start with Wordpress, this is a great time to do so, with millions of web developer that is willing to help you, there are also thousands of useful plugins that would fit your taste.

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