Floyx Launches Crypto News Social Network — Offers 50% discount on Dash Payments.

If you are a blockchain aficionado, chances are that you have signed up on multiple platforms to stay in touch with the latest updates in the crypto industry.

Staying on top of news can be hard and even harder if you are tracking multiple projects. To amalgamate information, Floyx has launched an all-in-one privacy based social network, that organises all crypto news on one platform.

Based on a simple and elegant user interface, the platform has three categories of accounts — Personal, for individual members; Startup For Upcoming Projects and Company Account for Established Companies or Projects.

Combining the best features of Facebook and the Twitter, floyx enables business to promote posts to other users for a service fee.

To ensure neutrality, the Floyx platform has done away with adopting a native currency and currently accepts Dash and Bitcoin for promotion services on its platform.

Kępiński Kamil, the platform’s CEO professes,

“The cryptographic community is very demanding when it comes to new projects, which is why we are building the Floyx website iteratively, to meet the expectations of all recipients.”

Mobile Applications for the project are expected to be launched across iOS and Android Shortly.

Floyx was also recently inducted into the BuildWithDash Program — An Initiative to enable Startups to partner with the Dash Community.

On the Dash Community, Daniel Syrek, the Platform’s CFO states

“We are very pleased that Dash showed interest in the Floyx project and offered it’s support. Due to it’s strong and stable market position, the Dash project is an important business ally for us. We look forward to the future with optimism”

For a limited period, the platform is also offering an exciting 50% flat discount on utilizing Dash for payments over other coins. Log on to Floyx.Com and let us know what you think in the comments.

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