Video Rewards App Kimeo Joins Dash Developer Program — Earn Dash For Browsing Content

— Over 100,000 users will soon be able to earn Dash on the Kimeo Platform as part of #BuildWithDash Campaign.

Dash Developer Program
Jan 16 · 3 min read

One of the early promises of blockchain technology has been to democratize the content space and make it equitable and rewarding for creators and viewers alike.

By some estimates, large companies like Youtube pay out less than 70 cents for every dollar they receive in advertising while wielding complete sway over moderation. Only Recently, Youtube removed a large number of videos pertaining to crypto-currencies. While the videos were restored after a global outrage, the incident showcased the power such centralized platforms wield to distribute content.

To bring about transformative change, it is imperative for more companies to build new age content sharing platforms that not only uphold user freedom but can also find innovative ways to engage all three sides of the platform — Consumers, Creators and Advertisers while maintaining a balance.

To achieve all these aims and more, Kimeo — a video app with rewards for everyone was launched by Ajay Pal Singh and his team in 2019. A product of National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, Ajay pal has had a successful track record as an innovator with entrepreneurial stints in Startup Chile and the Iron Yard Accelerator in USA.

Kimeo leverages the combination of blockchain, cloud and cryptocurrencies, enabling users to get rewarded for adding or consuming content while allowing advertisers to reward people for watching. After a successful initial run, the app and data is currently being moved entirely to the blockchain and IPFS, providing 100% transparency and future proofing the app.

Kimeo App Screenshots

In 2019, Kimeo raised investment from the prestigious CV labs Incubation program and has quickly grown to 100,000 users with content being shared actively everyday indicating strong engagement.

Kimeo has users from 80 countries with a large number of them coming from the 18–25 Age Bracket. The platform is especially popular with crypto enthusiasts. Users are currently able to earn tokens for adding content on the platform and consuming it.

On working with the Dash Community, Ajay is especially Bullish.

Dash has one of the most active blockchain communities and we are super excited to be a part of it. We look forward to integrate Dash to Kimeo to give our users an opportunity to earn and spend Dash while spending time on Kimeo.

With the launch of Dash Evolution, will apps like Kimeo be able to leverage the unique feature set of the Dash Platform and drive world wide crypto adoption? We are sure excited. Watch this space to find out more !

Dash Developer Program

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The Dash Developer Program offers Marketing, Technical and Community Driven Funding Support to Blockchain Developers working on consumer apps.

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